USB over Network

Share USB over Network and access remote USB and serial devices from anywhere!

Simply install FlexiHub on all computers that need to have shared access to the device and connect to your local peripherals with just a couple of clicks.

Not only is FlexiHub a global solution, it also lets you share USB over network and access remote USB devices between Windows, macOS, Linux and Android operating systems.

USB over Network access worldwide

A revolutionary USB over IP technology to share/connect remote USB and COM port devices over the Internet. Get a single point of access for all USB and COM ports of the remote computers.

Access remote USB and Serial Ports on Any Computer

With FlexiHub you can use any device in real time – no matter if it is connected to the computer in the next room, is at home while you are at the office or even overseas. Different computers with attached shared USB and serial devices appear as nodes which can be accessed remotely right away.

Exclusive USB over Network Sharing Technology

FlexiHub’s a unique USB over Ethernet software that allows sharing USB and COM port devices over the Internet, making them available for use on remote machines. Now you can freely access a USB dongle plugged into your home PC while being in the office, or connect to any device which has been shared over the network with you.

Private Communication Server

Since FlexiHub can send traffic through its own USB Redirector Server, your computers do not necessarily require a public IP address. Though your local computer will not directly "see" the other computer with the USB or serial port device plugged into it, thanks to FlexiHub, you can still connect to this device remotely.