Converter - SATA hard drive to IDE

SATA and IDE are different types of interfaces for connecting storage devices to a computer. SATA that stands for Serial ATA (Advanced Technology Attachment) is a newer standard compared to IDE (aka as Parallel ATA). While the new systems largely use SATA disk drives, Pentium IV and earlier machines still use IDE.

SATA hard drive to IDE

What do you do if you have to connect a Serial ATA hard drive to the computers of the latter type? Use SATA Hard Drive to IDE Converter, it enables you to convert SATA drive to IDE in a simple way. Connect the adapter to your SATA drive and IDE controller’s ribbon cable, power up – that’s it.


• supports SATA 1.0;

• supports ATA 33/66/100/133;

• supports 48 bits LBA;

• supports large hard drives of 137 GB or larger with one partition Mini Board size (75mm x 26mm);

• supports Spread Spectrum in receiver;

• mounts directly to the back of SATA hard drive, no drivers required;

• bootable;

• compatible with any OS (Windows, DOS, Mac, Linux, UNIX) that supports IDE standard.


• SATA Hard Drive to IDE Converter;

• power "Y" Cable;

• installation manual.